by Jane Rodmell for All The Best Fine Foods, a ‘Certified Good Food Fighter

For more than fifty years Fermin Martin and his family have raised Ibérico pigs in La Alberca, Salamanca, and produced hams and sausages of remarkable quality and flavour. We’re delighted that Fermin Jamon Ibérico and a selection of his embutidos (sausages) are now available at All The Best.

Ibérico ham comes from the Ibérico pig, a descendent of the wild boar that once inhabited the forests of the entire Mediterranean shoreline. The pigs still roam free to graze in the dehesas of the southwestern Iberian Peninsula and prior to slaughter are fed an exclusive diet of fallen acorns which results in hams of remarkable tenderness and texture.

To complement Ibérico ham and dry cured sausages we offer a selection of wonderful cheeses. We suggest Mahon, a firm raw milk cheese from the island of Menorca. This cheese is made with the milk of cow’s that graze on pastures open to ocean breezes and has a fruity tart flavour with pleasant underlying saltiness.  Or try popular Spanish Monte Enebro, a raw goats’ milk cheese aged with a coating of ash and Penicillium Roquefort with smooth creamy texture and a sharp spicy finish. Add some tasty olives (and a glass of chilled Cava perhaps) and you have a splendid lunch or antipasto.