Malcolm Jolley talks to Will Predhomme and Scott Zebarth about Gargoyle Wine Club…

Sommeliers Will Predhomme and Scott Zebarth took successful careers on the front lines of the hospitality industry and transformed themselves into winemakers, event producers, marketers and general movers and shakers in the wine trade. But they’re not done. Predhomme and Zebarth are taking the concept of the wine club in a new direction with Gargoyle Wine Club. Most clubs are really another marketing channel for a producer or importer. Predhomme, Zebarth and their team of sommeliers decided they should be free to select whatever wines they think fit best for Gargoyle.

As hospitality veterans, Predhomme and Zebarth understand the value of giving back, and they decided to write in an element of higher service at Gargoyle. They partner with Water.Org, so that every bottle Gargoyle sends to its members gives one person a full year of access to clean, safe water. As of April 15, they told me their members have empowered 118,197 people with safe water. This Earth Day, I caught up with the two of them, who I consider friends, to make the video of our Zoom conversation below.

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