We’ve received a fantastic collection of Cru Baroli from insider producer Gianfranco Bovio.


Bovio’s wines are produced in the most traditional style, impeccable vineyard practises and once harvested lengthy maceration on the skins and ageing in big oak casks.

Bovio produces a miniscule amount of wine from top Cru’s in the heart of the Barolo region, these wines carry serious old school credibility .


A Note on the two Cru’s

The Arborina vineyard is more east-facing in aspect, and produces wines which are essentially more “La Morra” in terms of style: perfumed, finessed, almost Pinot Noir-like in their lively cherry fruit expression. Gattera, named for an enormous cedar tree that crowns its summit at about 300 meters, has a more south/southwest orientation and produces a more brooding, savory style of Barolo. All wines in six packs


Notes on the vintages offered

The 2011 Barolos continue to impress for their radiance and sheer appeal. After the epic, cellar worthy 2010s, the 2011s will give plenty of choices for delicious near and medium-term drinking


The 2012 is a vintage of mid weight Barolos that reflect the freshness and overall structure of a cooler year. In broad terms, the 2012s have bright acidities, forward fruit and are also lower in alcohol than the 2011s


In 2013 a cool growing season and late harvest produced gorgeous Barolos with striking aromatics and silky tannins


2013 Bovio Arborina Barolo – $68.95 – 24 bottles

2012 Bovio Arborina Barolo – $68.95 – 42 bottles

 2013 Bovio Gattera Barolo – $68.95 – 18 bottles

2012 Bovio Gattera Barolo – $68.95 – 42 bottles

2011 Bovio Gattera Barolo – $68.95 -24 bottles


All wines in six packs


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