Malcolm Jolley talks to Wakefield’s Justin Taylor and Neil Hadley MW…

Before COVID struck, I had the pleasure of interviewing both Justin Taylor and Neil Hadley MW separately when their work took them to Toronto to promote the wines of Justin’s family winery, Wakefield. When I received a tasting sample of the 2019 Wakefield Estate Riesling ($16.95 | LCBO 301523), which is in this week’s Vintages Release, I thought it might be fun to open it in the virtual company of one of them and reached out to their Ontario agent, Profile Wine Group. In the end, both showed up for our Zoom call, which makes up the interview below. In it we discuss why Australia’s Clare Valley is actually a great place to grow Riesling, why Riesling ought be given a second chance and all kinds of other things, including the optimum serving temperature thermometer that comes on the back label of Wakefield wines.

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PS. Even if you’re not a Riesling fanatic, I recommend Wakefield’s 2019 Estate. It’s fully citrus fruit forward, with big lemon lime taste, and just a seasoning of petrol aromatic to remind you of varietal character. And at just $17 it’s more than a worth a try.