Guests appreciate two of Scotland's best exports: Scotch and Curling.

by Kylie Meyermann

Lifford Wine Agency recently purchased Saverio Schiralli Agencies Limited. The merger now makes Lifford the largest supplier of premium wines in the hospitality industry and the top supplier of LCBO Vintages. Craig de Blois, the Vintages Sales and Marketing Director at Lifford, says that the two companies are currently becoming familiar with one another and have yet to move into a larger downtown office.

Bowmore defeated Lifford by two points.

This past Thursday, the two agencies, along with other guests, participated in an hour long curling tournament, which was followed by an informative tasting of Morrison Bowmore Scotch. This event took place in honour of the new partnership between the agencies and to give the guests a chance for a taste of things to come.

Present at the event was the brand ambassador of Bowmore Scotch, Jamie Mackenzie. Bowmore has been a Schiralli client for the past twelve years and Mackenzie says that he is glad to be in Canada to celebrate the new alliance. “Schiralli is the largest supplier of LCBO Vintages, and Bowmore has seen exciting results on the LCBO shelves. At Bowore we are looking forward to the possible hospitality expansion with Lifford.”

After four games of curling, players warmed up by sampling Bowmore Scotch.

The Bowmore team won the curling tournament, defeating the Lifford team by 2 points. The players then celebrated by sampling 12 different Bowmore Scotches, including the Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Aged 15 and 18 Years. It was a great event that brought together both of Scotland’s most renowned exports. Canada has adopted curling as their own and I am sure that Canada will equally embrace the new brands of scotch that were enjoyed at the event.

Lifford Wine Agency is located at 756 Bathurst Street, Toronto ON, T: 416-440-4101

Kylie Meyermann is the newst addition to Good Food Media. She is looking forward to continuing her reporting on the food and wine industry.