Three Ready-To-Drink cocktails that will add a splash of fun to your long weekend

Free Sushi Electric Blue Raspberry – #31307 – $2.95 (473ml)

Tap into your nostalgia and bring back summer memories of blue freezies or rocket pops with this sour, sweet, sippable mix of vodka and blue raspberry with a gentle carbonation. Locally made, and really nailing that “Blue” flavour while leaving a little vodka kick through the finish, this is the ultimate way to be a kid while still adulting.

Brunch Piña Colada – #31479 – $2.85 (355ml)  

If life is a beach, this is what we should be sipping on in our off hours. A ‘spirit + seltzer’ version of the ultimate tropical cocktail, the Brunch Piña Colada serves up fresh pineapple and creamy coconut at 4% alcohol and still comes in at 100 calories per can. Hard to say a traditional Colada would be 100 calories…

Crazy Uncle Hard Root Beer – #448779 – $3.15 (473ml)

If you grew up having a cold mug of A&W with your burger, make some freezer space for your favourite mug. Packed with classic root beer aromas and flavours of vanilla and caramel, and coming in at 5% alcohol, you’ll be picturing vinyl banquettes and smelling the grill in no time. Time to remodel the garage as a back yard diner?



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