by Jo Dickins

Chef Corrado and Chef Luigi Encarnacion.

What better way to celebrate the Water exhibit at the R.O.M. than to showcase both the rock-star caliber fish supplier, Akiwenzie Fish & More, and the superb, Vancouver-based, fountain-of-sustainable-fish-knowledge group, Ocean Wise?  On April 28th, C5’s executive chef Ted Corrado invited Chef Jamie Kennedy to join him creating a fish-filled menu for a full house of eager guests, who also enjoy

ed wine pairings presented by Stratus’ Charles Baker.  Here are some images from the evening.

The Reception featured local bubbly and lovely canapés, like these cold smoked whitefish cakes with wild leek tartar sauce.

“Magic Hands” Kennedy plates the marinated pickerel roll-ups.

d) Sculptural elements: guest’s awesome hairdo, floral display, roof garden.

J.K., Luigi and Ted pre-service.

Seedlings at the ready for dessert; early evening light and bouquet-sniffing

The C5 dining room, canapé of greens, asparagus, and pecorino fresco.

Happy fish eaters.

Charles Baker; guests at a diamond window.

Frothy amber goodness; J.K. addresses the guests, explaining how important suppliers like the Akiwenzies are to his cooking.

Lots o’ Akiwenzies!

Long time JK team member Sharon Bergey; Chef Corrado’s whitefish rillette with pancetta.

J.K. gets ready to dole out some precious roe; a shot of J.K.’s production notes, the kitchen blueprint

James Chatto; a lacey rösti folds over whitefish roe and crème fraiche.

Chefs confer to plan the service of the main dish.

The main was a grilled Chinook salmon (yes, fresh water) with sorrel beurre blanc and mignonette; Chef Corrado coordinating the dispatch.

Stunningly colourful (and delicious) dessert of goat cheese panna cotta with rhubarb consommé.

Dessert; Natasha and Andrew Akiwenzie

Ted and Jamie chat after the service.

Jo Dickins is a Toronto photographer who covers the local food moment community for Good Food Revolution. She also has a day job working withJamie Kennedy and with whom she is working on a book project and other exciting culinary ventures. Photo: John Gundy.