Market Race Montreal at Marché Jean-Talon

Just outside of downtown Montreal there is a market, hidden and out of sight, that holds the culinary treasures of a city known for it’s innovative gastronomical experiences. But on Tuesday October 9th, 2012 the upper mezzanine of the Marché Jean Talon was transformed into a frenzy of competition not for food, but for cocktails.

Twenty five of the cities most renowned mixologists assembled to garner one of only sixteen coveted places for this December’s MadeWithLove cocktail competition to be held at the beautiful Marché Bonsecours in the heart of the cities Old Port. Each competitor was given $15 and 15 minutes to find the perfect blend of ingredients in the markets massive maze of vendors. As they set off through the open-air market, each bartender carefully selected the freshest herbs, the most sumptuous berries and the most delicate of spices.

The first round of cocktails

Upon arrival 5 groups of 5 were chosen at random to compete against one another and the competition began. From blenders, to shakers, to juicers and muddlers, these chef’s of libation had 5 minutes to create the perfect cocktail. Some kept it simple, while others went all out with syrups, infusion and even some colourful botanical additions. At the end of each round, each bartender presented their beverage to a panel of judges and offered a brief explanation of their creation. After careful consideration, the panel of judges weighed presentation, taste, balance and a many other key elements to announce the competitions 16 winners.  In addition to the 16, 3 lucky mixologists were given the honour of first, second and third place. First place went to Jane Ross-Opazo of L’Orignal, Maxime Boivin of Le Barroco and Andrew Whibley of Le Bremner.

Good Food Revolutions Alexis Green enjoying a delicious creation

The day was shared among friends to the sultry tunes of DJ Victor Mandru and was hosted by the events founder Pierre-Olivier Trempe. MadeWithLove is a series of memorable events bringing you to a place of intense creativity and entertainment. For more information, you can visit them at

Alexis Green is a Toronto native living in Montreal and has been in the food, beverage and entertainment industry for over ten years. She is also the owner of AG Design specializing in graphic design, event planning and consulting.