Our Sweet Ride for Oyster Boy's Oysterquest 2013

Our Sweet Ride for Oyster Boy’s Oysterquest 2013

As Good Food Revolution has already documented, last year Oyster Boy took five of our best customers all the way up to Eel Lake, Nova Scotia in an RV. They were on a journey to learn the art of oyster farming from Eagle Ledge Oysters, a tiny family fishery just outside of the town of Tusket.

When they left the city that grey morning, Toronto Chefs Amanda Ray (Biff’s), Paul Boehmer (Boehmer), Mark Ota (416 Snack Bar), Thessavan Maniceavasakan (Southern Accent), and Kyle Deleary (Canoe) were embarking upon what turned out to be the trip of a lifetime.

This is their story…


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