by Malcolm Jolley

PECers Mackenzie and LeHeup think fitness and hedonism ought to go together

Prince Edward Country locavore power couple Rebecca LeHeup (Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance) and Andrew Mackenzie (Buddha Dog) thought they’d turn their Sunday detox run after Terroir (the county’s great big spring wine tasting festival on May 28) into something altogether more fun. They’re inviting wine lovers from all over Ontario to join them on May 29 for a run around some of the county’s prettier roads, dotted with wineries, and reward all that toxin and calorie burning with a pizza lunch, with wine. And they’re calling it the Terroir Run.

LeHeup says it was (appropriately enough) over a glass of county Pinot Noir that she and Mackenzie realised that the Hillier area of the county, northwest of Wellington, would make a great staging area for a group run and the vineyards along the pretty country roads and lanes would make perfect landmarks along the way: “We love to run and explore all the unique parts of PEC with like-minded culinary tourists but couldn’t find an organized event in the area.” explained Mackenzie. “We’re huge admirers of the excellent County Marathon and wondered if we could do something similar for recreational runners that included a very special experience. So we did,” adds Le Heup.

The run starts at 10 AM at The Old Third Winery on Closson Road. and from there past Closson Chase, Lacey Estates, Lift Haus, The Grange of Prince Edward County, Hinterland, down Benway Road then along Greer Road past Casa-Dea, around the antique tractor in front of Rosehall Run, and finishing at Norman Hardie Winery, where Norm Hardie promises to put use his county stone, wood-burning pizza oven. “Unlike a typical run that ends with a finish line and energy bars, our runners will find a local wood oven pizza lunch with spring green salad and county wine and beer tasting,” says Mackenzie.

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