Hello friends,
I hope everyone is not too stressed working out their September plans: whether you have children going back to school, you are going back to work or just back to your home office again tomorrow!

To celebrate the continuing summer weather we’ve put together some great end of summer wines just for you. Take advantage of this great offer on our curated selection – while stocks last!

This offer ends on September 13th 2020:
If you order 1 case, take $1.00 off each bottle.
If you order 2 cases, take $1.50 off each bottle
If you order 3 or more cases, take $2 off each bottle + free delivery.

We’ve put together an appealing list of wines for this offer:
All available by the case 12 x 750ml (no mixed cases for this offer)

  • Les Jamelles Essentiel Cinsault Rosé $15.92 per bottle
  • La Delizia Pinot Grigio $13.27 per bottle
  • Hãhã Pinot Gris $18.58 per bottle
  • Tinpot Hut Sauvignon Blanc $22.12 per bottle
  • Landmark Shiraz-Cab Railroad Red $15.04 per bottle
  • Girasole Cabernet Sauvignon $23.00 per bottle
  • Tall Poppy Hillside Shiraz $16.81 per bottle

Add a case of Locker Room Lager to any order for $60.00
– regular price:  $66.24

All prices quotes are ex HST / S&H / Bottle deposit

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A fan of the Dean’s List challenged me to add some interesting facts to the newsletter, and we think it’s a great idea. So, I hope you enjoy some of my favourite facts about wine in this first 5 fun facts!  No theme for this one, just some good dinner party trivia.

  • It takes 3-5 years for a grapevine to start bearing fruit that can be made into wine (prior to that, the wine is too tart and generally undrinkable). After that, grapevines can usually bear fruit for another 40+ years.
  • It takes an average of 200 individual grapes or approximately 2.5 lbs of grapes to make a 750ml bottle of wine.
  • The cork from a bottle of Champagne can fly out as fast as 80 km per hour due to the pressure in the bottle. This is why you should cover the cork with your thumb after you twist off the cage!
  • It is estimated that globally, we consume nearly 25 billion litres of wine per year. That number may be low for 2020 given how much we’ve all been at home…
  • Nebuchadnezzar is the name of the largest standard wine bottle. It holds 15 Litres of wine. I’m not sure whose standard a 15L bottle is, but I hope that they invite me over!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out!