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Move over beer, wine is the true king of the ‘cue. To get the most out of your meat this summer, pick a drink that packs a punch. Pairing a bold red with backyard style BBQ can reveal a world of undiscovered flavours.

Ravenswood Wines and Barque Smokehouse have joined forces to bring together summer’s ultimate pairing.

Ravenswood notesNamed by Joanne Kates in the Globe and Mail as the best barbecue in the west, the team at Barque has an original approach to traditional BBQ. With a 500-pound stainless steel smoker from Tennessee sitting right in the heart of the open kitchen, they know barbecue. Resident Wine Director Michael Godel spearheaded an initiative to cultivate the wine culture at Barque, delivering a more complete dining experience. It has now reached the point where wine often outsells beer and cocktails!

As the number one producer of Zinfandel worldwide, Ravenswood wines are powerful personalities: down-to-earth, elegantly rustic and robust. The popular Vintner’s Blend wines, sourced from vineyards throughout California – strive to put what is picked from the fields right into the bottle. Pure, bold, unpretentious wines.

So why does Ravenswood Wines pair so well with BBQ?

Ravenswood “No Wimpy Wines” credo says it all, embrace the bold, abhor the bland. Barbecue isn’t meant to be subtle and neither should its pairing. Ravenswood Zinfandel is a red wine that can stand up to the strong taste of BBQ with its full body, flexible tannins and spicy flavour.

“Zinfandel is ideal wine for BBQ.  Smokey, tender, succulent meat with sweet tangy BBQ sauce demands a wine with fruit, spiciness and a bright quality that brings life to an otherwise heavy experience.  Harmonious counterpoint is the name of the game when it comes to BBQ.  No wine does this better than Zinfandel.” – Joel Peterson, Ravenswood Founder and Winemaker

“The Vintner’s Blend is Ravenswood’s opportunity to anatomize disparate, old vine California fruit into one Wonka blend, to craft a harmonious if homogeneous Zinfandel expression. The house style in consistency is nothing short of something palmary, here perpetuated in the dried fruit crannies of this 2013. Zinfandel and nothing but, though the variety carries a three quarters presence, the remainder in Petite Sirah, Syrah and “Mixed Blacks.” When the paltry asking price is considered, the VB gives the oak away, asking for little in return, save for a stoked grill or smoker and some well-rubbed slabs of protein. Combine the sweet, savoury, dark, brambly fruit with slow-cooked ribs and a fuligin crust. Men from all around will come calling. Drink 2015-2018. Tasted April 2015.” — Michael Godel, Wine Director, Barque

Remember, smoked meat packs a punch, pick a drink that punches back!

Ravenswood Zinfandel is available at LCBO locations. Vintages# 359257, $17.95.

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