Malcolm Jolley talks to steak expert and author Rob Firing.

Dear Rob,

I owe you an apology. Or, maybe a series of them. This spring you published Steak Revolution: All Cuts, All Ways – Perfect Everytime. Much more than a cookbook, it’s without question the definitive authority on grilling cuts of beef and has become the hottest Canadian food title of the summer. When your not writing cookbooks like Steak Revolution and The Everyday Squash Cook, you’re a literary agent, but you were not long ago the head publicity for HarperCollins Canada and you know how to market a book and author. To that end, you graciously invited me over to your backyard to talk about your very cool cookbook and actually cook a couple of steaks over hot coals to show that you walk the walk you talk. That was in June. Now it’s the end of August and I’ve only just finished editing the video I shot of our conversation and your demonstration. Sorry!

To be fair, I had a bit of a hard time editing the video. There was so much good stuff in it. Because you spoke so passionately, entertainingly and educationally about the theory and practice of grilling steaks I found I very difficult to make any cuts. So, it’s a little long, but I hope beef-curious GFR viewers will pour themselves a glass of something good and sit back and see and hear  about the Steak Revolution, and then go buy your book and eat the best darn steaks they’ve ever cooked.

Happy Labour Day,


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