Rocky and Mayur talk to Cameron Stauch
Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma (a.k.a Rocky and Mayur) KNOW Indian food. During the last 9 years they have travelled over 120,000km and tasted thousands of unique dishes across India’s twenty-eight states and seven territories.

They are well known in India as TV food personalities due to their popular NDTV channel show Highway On My Plate that promotes the dishes prepared by the hardworking men and women of the roadside stalls, dabbas and inexpensive restaurants that dot India’s streets and highways.

Behind the friendly banter and teasing these childhood friends have one main goal: to share and teach people about the enormous variety of Indian dishes and to get them to taste and sample these regional specialties as they travel throughout India. To make it easier for foreign and Indian tourists Rocky and Mayur have summarized their travels in two guidebooks, their first, Highway On My Plate: A Guide to Indian Roadside Eating, is a national best seller while their second is currently in the final editing stages.

I met Rocky and Mayur at a favorite chaatwallah stall to record this video interview in which they share helpful tips about eating in India and discuss whether men or women are India’s best cooks.

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Cameron Stauch thumbCameron Stauch is a chef currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is eating and cooking his way around Asia in search of cooks and producers who are focused on preserving and enriching their local culinary ingredients and traditions. Follow him @camcooks.