Patricia Noonan presents a libido lovers menu with a VQA touch…

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about chocolate or hearts and flowers. For many, food and wine is the recipe for love. 

Scrambled eggs with truffle oil and bubbly are delicious for a sensual start to the day of love. Simple to make, just finish off eggs scrambled the way you like them, with either butter or olive oil. When the eggs are plated, just add a little drizzle of white truffle infused oil over them for a sensual finishing touch. The heady aroma of the exotic truffle lends itself to the simplicity of the eggs. A kiss and a flute glass of something bubbly yet balanced to cleanse and invigorate your palate  between bites and you’re off to a seductive start. The fresh fruitiness contrasts the earthy and arresting truffle aroma.

Wine Pairing: Violette Sparkling Brut 2017 Westcott Estate

Oysters in the afternoon anyone? It’s been said that oysters kick desire up a notch due to the high zinc content. Quite possibly, feeding the sensuously slippery bivalves to your sweetheart is the visual cue that helps in the primal pleasure department. A perfect pairing for a deliciously briny bivalve is  a classic Chardonnay with a Burgundian edge. This creamy yet mineral driven style of white wine hails from the mineral rich Beamsville Bench.

Wine Pairing:  Two Sisters Vineyards 2016 Unoaked Chardonnay

Pate de foie gras says ‘I love you’ in more ways than one.  The opulence of silky, rich duck liver is able to pair with wines of every hue. But any bubbles, as in a methode champenoise style, is a most romantic pairing, as it’s the epitome of celebration.  Nothing says decadent more than a brut sparkler to sip while you spread the luscious pate onto slices of freshly warm baguette to feed to your sweetheart. This bubbly shows delicious lemony and light brioche bun aromas with elegant effervescence.

Wine Pairing: Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery Non Vintage Bru

And finally… a little dessert after a day of love, in the form of a classic pairing; the succulent sweet strawberry is brilliant red and reminiscent of a heart shape. Ripe raspberries work too, with a VQA icewine. Cabernet franc in icewine form is luscious with ripe fruit and vanilla from French oak barrel ageing.

Wine Pairing:  2016 Wisteria Tree Cabernet Franc Icewine, Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

Whether it’s chardonnay, icewine or bubbles of any style with your food of choice… just make sure you’re wining and dining with the one you love!