Soup Sisters Founder Sharon Hapton

Soup Sisters Founder and CEO Sharon Hapton at Random House Canada, Toronto, October 2012

Sharon Hapton has always been a “soup maker” but a few years ago the Calgary businesswoman decided to take the healing powers of soup to a new level by founding Soup Sisters (and Broth Brothers). The organization gets groups of people together to make soup – a lot of soup. The soup, then, is distributed to women’s shelters, providing sustenance and comfort to people going through a hard time.

In the three and a half years that Hapton has been running Soup Sisters, she’s collected dozens of soup recipes – some of them from Canada’s top chefs and food writers like Elizabeth Baird, Bonnie Stern, Lucy Waverman, Michael Stadtlander and Christine Cushing, to name just a few. Hapton and veteran cookbook author Pierre A. Lemielle have compiled 100 of these recipes into The Soup Sisters Cookbook published by Random House Canada, and I talked to her about Soup Sisters and the book in the video below.

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