Kaitlin Lanthier presents some Noble Estates cooler summer sippers at the LCBO.
Summer Sippers
Though mild compared to last year, this year’s winter was painfully long and drawn out.  Toronto saw more snow in April than any other month this winter, and the better part of the GTA saw snow flurries as late as May 15th.

It may have looked as though we would not see a proper summer, but it finally arrived and we have been enjoying some incredible weather ever since.  Celebrating with a vengeance, my Facebook feed has filled up with posts of people sitting on patios, barbequing or relaxing in the back yard, or gathering with friends at the beach.  While the activities are varied, there seems to be one common theme to these posts: the refreshing summer beverage they are enjoying.

It is nearly mid-August but if the last two months have been any indication (and if we see a September similar to last year) we **knock on wood** still have a number of good weeks ahead of us.  Here’s what I’ll be sipping for the remainder of the summer:

Bottega Vino dei Poeti Prosecco

I love bubbles and I don’t need a special occasion to drink them.  I think just being in the company of good friends is reason enough to celebrate and pop open a bottle of bubbly.  For this reason, I buy at least one bottle of Bottega Vino dei Poeti Prosecco a month to enjoy with friends.  Whether I’m making a mimosa for Sunday brunch with friends, enjoying a Spritz on a lazy Saturday afternoon, or popping a bottle for an aperitif at dinner, these are my go-to bubbles. Click here to find this wine at the LCBO.

Cavit Moscato

Moscato is growing in popularity and there are some outstanding examples of it out there.  I do not have a sweet tooth, however, so it does not generally fall on my radar.  That said I am also an absolute wimp when it comes to spicy food (I, embarrassingly, grew up finding BBQ Chips to spicy).  As any good foodie needs to do, I have developed my palate over the years, but my tolerance is still embarrassingly low.  The acidity is so well balanced that the wine is not cloying while the residual sugar is perfect to counteract the spice.  This is definitely on my list this summer. Click here to find this wine at the LCBO.

Malivoire Guilty White
Malivoire Guilty Men White

When I’m looking for a nice crisp white, the Guilty Men White is definitely one of my go-to wines.  The zippy acidity and citrus fruit flavours make for a really refreshing tipple. On a hot day, I like to sip this on the patio with a little bit of cheese.  The Guilty Men brand also has a red label available in the LCBO which is a lighter red ideal of summer.  This is a great wine to bring to the various social gatherings throughout the summer.  Not only does the wine itself go over well, but my male friends really get a kick out of the name. Click here to find this wine at the LCBO.

anselmi vincenzo
Anselmi San Vincenzo

My S.O. much prefers red wine which becomes problematic when I make fish for dinner.  I’m always in search of a white that matches his taste preferences and was relieved to find it in the Anselmi San Vincenzo.  A richer, fruit forward style with ripe stone fruits and tropical notes this wine is excellent with the fleshier/richer fish dishes.  It is a fuller-bodied wine, but the crisp acidity balances it out resulting in a refreshing style.  This wine is unbeatable for the price! Click here to find this wine at the LCBO.

burger blend
Burger Blend Red

Last year, 13th Street re-launched their Burger Blend red.  A softer, fruit-forward style red, this easy drinking wine was made with burgers in mind.  Having experimented a bit, I can attest that the wine is versatile enough to pair with a different variety of burger toppings.  The Toronto Star also recently listed this wine as a red that can be enjoyed chilled.  I have always enjoyed my Gamay’s with a slight chill and on a hot, humid day when the occasion calls for red, being able to chill down the red is a bonus.
13th Street has recently released the Burger Blend White which is also available in the LCBO. Click here to find this wine at the LCBO.

So…bring on the sun, the humidity, and the 40° heat – my fridge is stocked with everything I’ll need for the rest of the summer!

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