Emma and Brent Marris walk their vineyards at Marisco located in New Zealand's Waihopai Valley.

Emma and Brent Marris walk their vineyards at Marisco located in New Zealand’s Waihopai Valley.


Located in the Waihopai Valley of Marlborough, New Zealand’s Marisco Vineyards are making some truly delicious juice. I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Mitchell, General Manager of Marisco who proudly presented some damn tasty wines from their brands The Ned and The Kings Series.

Now I will admit New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc can often be dismissed as a been there done that kind of wine. However, the 2016 Ned Sauvignon Blanc is a Kiwi classic with bright, vibrant passion fruit and bracing acidity. An explosion of pure tropical notes and subtle minerality make this wine beg for grilled seafood, but quaffable enough to enjoy on its own.

The 2015 King’s Wrath Pinot Noir is expressive and deeply enjoyable. Rich, and smoky with tonnes of brooding fruit and dark chocolate make this wine the perfect guilty pleasure. Marisco keeps this opulence balanced on the palate with bright acidity and delicate purple flower notes on the palate. A true expression of modern and classy New Zealand Pinot Noir.

The delight of the evening was the The King’s Thorn Pinot Gris.  Decidedly new world in style with beautiful ripe tropical fruit, but with a notable weight and texture making this wine deeply memorable. Marisco barrel ferments a small portion of the wine to make a balanced, yet textural wine. A long earthy finish and slight fruit tannin made this Pinot Gris the real star of the night.

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