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Wendake – First Nations Dining in Quebec City

Located a mere 15 minutes from the heart of Quebec City on the Huron-Wendat Nation at Wendake, Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations is strategically set amongst some pretty spectacular natural surroundings. This four-star boutique hotel is beautifully designed and furnished, with crackling fires, and plenty of blankets, fur pelts and moccasins to ward off any late autumn or winter chill.

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Toronto Taste – Compassion and Cuisine Come Together on June 12

During the event, guests will sip and stroll outdoors under tents, and indoors around museum artifacts, sampling an unforgettable array of savoury and sweet bites and refreshing libations created and served by local vintners, beverage purveyors, and chefs, including Chris McDonald, Dufflet Rosenberg, Brad Long, JP Challet and Anne Yarymowich, to name but a few.

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Canadian Club – The Unofficial Whiskey of Prohibition

Where is Walkerville, you might ask? Named for Hiram Walker, father of Canadian Club, Walkerville is located on the edge of the Detroit River in essentially what is now the city of Windsor. It precedes Windsor though — it even precedes the birth of Canada as a nation, as Walker, an entrepreneurial American, strategically set-up operations here in the 1850’s.

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Alison Kent’s Canadian Living Vegetarian Collection

On the morning I met Canadian Living magazine food editor and author of The Vegetarian Collection: Creative Meat Free Dishes That Nourish & Inspire the professional cook turned recipe developer and cookbook author was beaming. The Vegetarian Collection had just climbed to the top of the softcover non-fiction bestseller list. Small wonder, since reducing the amount of meat in our diets has become a priority for health and environmental reasons. Kent’s task, of course, was to make that transition delicious.

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