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Anthony Bourdain’s Layover Premiers in Canada

Bourdain laughed and indicated he was laying ground work for a Toronto show, saying, “I think I will shoot in Toronto for season two. I have had great food in Toronto, but I am intrigued because every time I go to Montreal or Vancouver, they always say ‘Thank you for filming here and not Toronto’. They really seem to hate Toronto!”

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Anthony Bourdain at Massey Hall

Once the floor opened for questions, Bourdain seemed to relax a lot more. Walking across the stage with beer in hand, he answered queries about what his favourite part of the pig was to whether he would be bringing No Reservations to Toronto. He ended with a personal story about his daughter and her adventurous palate that had the crowd in stitches again – just the way he started the show. When Bourdain walked off stage, a few audience members took to their feet in thunderous applause.

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Mr. Bourdain Comes To Hogtown

Happily munching on Chef Anthony Rose’s suckling pig and foie gras sandwiches and drawing steadily on an ever present pint of Creemore (he adapts quickly to local custom, Bourdain), the man of the hour was the epitome of calm and cool. And friendly and funny and pretty much just like the character on his television shows and the narrative voice in his books. There are few things as pleasingly life affirming than finding out your hero is a decent guy.

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Review: Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw

Bourdain talks extensively of his loathing for the Food Network; stumbles into an analysis of classic kiddie culture (calling Old Yeller “cynical and unconscionably bleak”); outlines, with devastating candour, the financial pitfalls of running a restaurant and of becoming a chef; raves about industrial meat and vegetarians with equal relish (albeit in different chapters); and offers an excellent list of things every cook needs to know – among them, chopping an onion, roasting a chicken, and making an omelet.

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