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Spargelfest! Asparagus Is On Its Way

Canada celebrates the lily of lilies in May, though the season will last through June. May is also part of the six week Spargelfest in Germany, when the asparagus-obsessed chefs compete to create the best recipes. In Switzerland, it’s called Spargelzeit. Every day of the festival, new menus are offered- including dessert, such as asparagus ice cream!

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Med Summer at All The Best: Spain

Spain has long been renowned for producing some of the best olives and olive oil in the world. One of my favourites is Nunez de Prado. This organic, unfiltered extra-virgin olive oil is produced on a family-owned estate in Andalusia using a unique crushing method where the olives are pressed under giant granite millstones causing the ‘flor’ (flower) to run off. The oil that drips naturally from the crushed olives captures all the essential fruity, earthy olive flavors and is deliciously addictive. Transform the simplest foods into something special. Drizzle the oil over grilled vegetables, steak or fish. Use as a bread dipper or brush on crostini and make a sensational dressing for your salads.

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