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Seeking Heat with Roger Mooking

Chef, musician and television star Roger Mooking’s latest Food Network adventure, ‘Heat Seekers’, pairs him with fellow chef Aaron Sanchez on a tour of the USA’s spiciest dishes from white linen restaurants to food trucks.

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Tomato Onion Chili Jam

Ryan Rivard, manager of All The Best Cheese department and a talented chef, has created a dynamite Tomato Onion Chili Jam made from heirloom tomatoes harvested from his garden in Norfolk County. It will be the secret ingredient in our entry in the Grilled Cheese Contest.

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Lunch with Laura Calder: Sichuan Adventure

At first we thought it was soup and we poured it into our little bowls, but slurping cooking oil from a spoon turned out to be pretty gross. Then, we tried to pick the chicken bits out, but you have to be rather adept at chopsticks to hold a quarter of a chicken wing doused in oil and nibble around the bone. Our table cloth soon had great Jackson Pollock spattles of red oil all about.

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