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Savour Stratford

Fall/Autumn is our favourite season here at Good Food Revolution and one of our favourite food events at this time of year is the gastronomic festival that is Savour Stratford, taking place this year from the 21st to the 23rd of...

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Big Night at the Green Barn – June 1

The Stop Community Food Centre presents a Big Night at the Green Barns, June 1. Join MC and celebrity chef David Rocco as top Toronto chefs cook ‘Nonna-inspired’ favourites in support of The Stop’s innovative Green Barn facility and programming. On the burners: Chris Brown, Lorenzo Loseto, Ted Corrado and Guido Saldini.

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A Day With Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay was in fine form using the F-word and having a good time critiquing our work. I was thrilled when Gordon tasted my blue and rare steaks, and I quote “They are seared beautifully and cooked to perfection”. What more could a chef ask for?

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Mr. Bourdain Comes To Hogtown

Happily munching on Chef Anthony Rose’s suckling pig and foie gras sandwiches and drawing steadily on an ever present pint of Creemore (he adapts quickly to local custom, Bourdain), the man of the hour was the epitome of calm and cool. And friendly and funny and pretty much just like the character on his television shows and the narrative voice in his books. There are few things as pleasingly life affirming than finding out your hero is a decent guy.

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