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Why Dale MacKay Won Top Chef Canada

For thirteen weeks this spring into summer summer Canadian chefs and foodies has their own game to watch: Top Chef Canada. And at the end of the run (which Food Network Canada claims as the most watched series in the channel’s history), Dale MacKay of Vancouver British Columbia held the title as the dominion’s tallest toque. But how’d he get there?

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Earls Opens on King Street West

North Vancouver-based Earls opened their downtown Toronto flagship restaurant on February 9 with a special dinner. Food and wine critics from across Southern Ontario arrived at the University and King location, curious to see what the West Coast import had in store for Bay Streeters. Leroy Earl “Bus” Fuller, the man responsible for opening the first Earls in 1982, welcomed the intimate dinner party.

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Good Food Fighter Profile: Earl’s

Chef Rolfson is especially proud of the size of the new freezer being installed at Earl’s new King Street location: “It’s really small!” The point is, of course, that his chefs actually cook real, fresh food. He is adamant that no customer will be fed the processed, delivered from a truck fare that plagues most multi-store restaurants.

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