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Chef Pilar Cabrera Arroyo Returns to Ontario

“There are so many flavours, colours and textures, which are completely foreign to many people. I want to show young chefs that Mexico is much more than enchiladas and tamales. In recent years, it has appeared to me that Canadians are much more interested in Mexican food, willing to try it and experiment with it.”

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Canadian Cookbook Awards

Laura Calder took top honours for French Taste: Elegant Everyday Eating at Cuisine Canada’s annual Canadian Cookbook Awards ceremony, held at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, November 5. Asked to comment on her gold medal win for “English Cookbook”, Calder told GFR “It feels especially good to get recognition in Canada and I’m so glad people like the book.”

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Decades of Food Styling with Olga Truchan

In the late 70’s, interesting things started to happen with food because of the era and the influx of immigration, Olga says. People also started to think about the health conscious aspects of food. Alice Waters in California was one of the first people to drive the local food movement. Olga deems the 80’s as the beginning of a food revolution. “The focus moved away from Britain and France,” she said. “People in North America were discovering their roots, the food of their heritage, the food their grandmothers cooked. Spices, herbs, garlic – garlic! started to enter our vocabularies. It was a highly experimental time.”

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