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Lynn Ogryzlo Sets The Ontario Table

The Ontario Table is officially a Canadian bestseller. Niagara food activist Lynn Ogryzlo’s cookbook is part love letter to the province’s farmers and part recipe guide through all of Ontario’s diverse food growing regions.

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Join GFR at Savour Stratford

If the two days of jam-packed eating, drinking and tasting activity at Savour Stratford weren’t enough, the event has one of the best farmers markets ever. There’s no better agricultural soil in the world as what’s in Perth County and not only does it produce delicious crops it also attracts agricultural innovators willing to grow or raise the best possible quality food.

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Apple Tree Markets’ Lesley Stoyan

Lesley Stoyan is the driving force behind Apple Tree Markets’ farmers market at Eglinton Park in North Toronto. Stoyan and her husband Chris Trussel, who works for Local Food Plus, a certifying food not-for-profit, brought the farmers market ethos north of Bloor Street out of the conviction that if their well-off, professional neighbours would embrace sustainable, local food, the good food movement would truly take hold across the city. I met with a very pregnant Stoyan (the couple are expecting their first child in the next few weeks) on a blustery late October afternoon as the Thursday market was setting-up.

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