Tag: Holiday Recipes

Jen Agg’s Black Hoof Manhattan Recipe

On a recent snowy December afternoon, I visited Jen Agg at the bar of her celebrated Black Hoof Café to see her fashion her very favourite cocktail, the Manhattan, which just happens to be very deliciously holiday appropriate…

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Marzipan Magic and a Stollen Recipe

In the Middle Ages there was a grain shortage in Europe and the bakers in the German city of Lübeck made a bread with almond meal. Still today the city has a proud tradition of making the finest quality marzipan in the world and marzipan forms a luscious rich centre in many family recipes for Stollen, the traditional Christmas bread of Germany.

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Best Christmas Cake

The recipe comes from my grandmother’s Victorian kitchen. My mother grew up on the family farm in Moorlinch, a small, off-the-beaten-track village in England, situated on the edge of the Somerset Levels. For history and nature buffs… this is a fascinating part of England, rich in wild-life, legend and ghostly tales.

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