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The Scoop – Greg’s Ice Cream

When I began this summer’s series of profiles I had no idea of the range of personalities I would meet and the contrasts of perspectives on one uniting topic – ice cream. For most people, when you bring up the topic of great ice cream in Toronto their first thought is of Greg’s, a small shop unassumingly located near the corner of Bloor and Spadina.

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The Scoop – Soma

It is not too hard to find gelato in Toronto and great gelato at that. Initially I made the decision not to cover gelato at all in this series as the amount of gelato makers and my limited knowledge on the subject were at odds with each other. However, the truly artisanal nature of Soma Chocolatemaker led me to make an exception.

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The Scoop – Slickers in The County

I meet the enigmatic owners, Marie Frye and Pat Hacker, outside on a lawn sprinkled with bright Muskoka chairs and a couple picnic tables. After receiving warm welcomes and firm handshakes, I take a spot with them in the sun to discuss their labour of love. Throughout our conversation, a constant stream of families flows through the shop, locals stop to say hello and a farmer on a tractor drives by, shouting out a good review to the gathered crowd of tourists. “We pay him to do that” Marie jokes.

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The Scoop – Toronto’s Best Ice Cream – Delight

When you’re making small batches you’re not using preservatives – stabilizers or a lot of other things that are good for commercial producers of ice cream that prolong shelf life. Often times I find and I think a lot of people probably find is that there tends to be a lot of sugar and then there are other chemicals as well. They kind of get in the way of the flavour.

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The Scoop – Toronto’s Best Ice Cream – Dutch Dreams

When it’s all said and done, people go to the classic flavours of ice cream. So, you can take me to the fanciest ice cream store like Dutch Dreams [Laughs.] and tell me that they have the best watermelon and when I’m in the line I’m going to go straight to the chocolate chip or cookie dough. Pomegranate has been a big seller though. I think it’s because pomegranate has a lot of health benefits mentioned in the media. Watermelon also went through the roof. The watermelon sherbet has been a big hit.

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The Scoop – Toronto’s Best Ice Cream – Ed’s Real Scoop

I stayed with the quality thing because I was just stubborn and wanted to do it that way. What I’ve learned is there’s a market for that and there are enough people who are looking for that, who aren’t looking for the commercial stuff, to keep us going. In fact, in the big city there are a lot of people looking for that. So, there’s a market and a market in a city like Toronto can support several of us, as you know.

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Goats Milk Ice Cream from Fifthtown and Pascales

The ambrosia is actually produced by Pascale’s All Natural Ice Cream in Ottawa. Fifth Town ships them fresh chèvre cheese and goats’ milk from which owner and maker Pascale Berthiaume creates a French custard which she then churns into ice cream. If Haagen Daz is premium – this is super premium – I mean like Berthillon ice cream on the Ile-Saint-Louis in Paris. Yes, it is $5 for a tiny scoop – but it is so rich and so delicious any more would ruin a good thing.

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