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Among the Mia Cara Vines – A Di Profio Story

The vineyard was in rough shape when they acquired it in 2009. The vine wood was black; the vines were overgrown and had been untended for years. An assessment completed by consultants from Brock suggested that the vines were dead and should all be pulled out. MJ MacDonald speaks with the people who brought this vineyard back to life.

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Try These Wines: Zoltan’s Picks

Made from 100% Savagnin grapes. Deep straw yellow. Grilled apples, sour lemon, dried peaches, spicy yeast, nutty, summer hay, soft leather (!) and musk aromas. There’s a wild edge to it, yet truly delicious and different. Light and fresh with 14.5 % alcohol adding pleasant volatility to the bouquet, yet not even noticeable over the palate. Hate to compare, but it does remind me of dry Sherry, gets its similar character due to the fact of being matured in barrels under a film of yeast.

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