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The Most Beautiful Season

A four-day affair, the Harrow Fair recently celebrated 156 years, this Labour Day. Yes, that is older than Canada itself. Harrow is located in Essex County in South Western Ontario, nestled between Lake Erie and Lake Saint Clair, and shares the same latitude as Northern California and Tuscany, so you can tell that to your smirking American cousins the next time they wisecrack about your skiing in July.

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Jo Dickins at Empty Bowls 2010

On May 19, I enjoyed my second visit to the Empty Bowls fundraiser at the Gardiner Museum – which isn’t saying much as the event is in its 18th year. For a mere $45, guests get to choose and keep a unique, handmade bowl, and taste (if they can manage it) 20 different soups by a selection of the top chefs in the city… all in a beautiful space, on a gorgeous spring day… and, ALL the proceeds go to the Anishnawbe Health Centre for aboriginal people in downtown Toronto.

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