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Oceans for Tomorrow: Canadian Chefs’ Congress 2010

It was much more than a food festival. It was two plus days of inspiration and all things culinary including discussion about food policy, sustainability, educational workshops on ocean foods, a cook-off, wine and food tastings, and communal meals. The mood was celebratory – despite some serious rain – and the approximately 500 attendees (250 of them chefs) seemed energized, stimulated and inspired by the Canadian Chefs’ Congress 2010.

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Anita Stewart’s Food Day in Canada

Here’s the scoop! Food Day Canada is always the Saturday of the first weekend in August, since in most parts of Canada there’s a holiday Monday attached. It was known till last year as “The World’s Longest Barbecue”. The goal, when I began it in 2003, was to collectively celebrate the food of Canada (specifically beef because of BSE and the devastation in that industry at the time). After that year, I included all ingredients that were and are harvested here and every year since have challenged Canadians to barbecue, or otherwise prpeare them and share their menus on a dedicated website: www.foodday.ca.

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