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Dry Roasting

Why sear? Searing was once widely thought of as the way to keep moisture from escaping during the cooking process. Food scientists have proved the theory of moisture loss false. However, searing does accomplish an important task: Enhanced flavour!

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Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine #33 David Rosengarten

When one reads through David Rosengarten’s Wikipedia page it’s hard not to be impressed. From his lengthy stint as contributing editor/restaurant critic at Gourmet magazine, through his many other writings (including him penning a number of bestselling books), to his eight year tenure as host of the Food Network’s successful Taste series, David has obviously had a lifetime of food and wine experiences (and then some.) And so I was absolutely delighted when he agreed to record a brief podcast one early morning in Santorini, looking out over Ia and the Aegean sea…

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