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Vineland’s New Peach

This peach is a particularly interesting variety. Known as a white-fleshed Clingstone it eats like an apple, is fragrant and is bigger than the average peach. It is a wonderful to eat fresh or for cooking as part of a menu. White-fleshed peaches are already grown in California and to a lesser degree in China but not in any concerted way in Canada. The white flesh peach represents approximately 30% of all peach varieties available in the marketplace and segments of the population clearly prefer this type of peach.

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Niagara’s Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

For more than 100 years the research station at Vineland, Ontario has pushed Canadian agriculture forward and studied how to grow delicius and beautiful things in our cool climate. After years of neglect, the centre spun off from the federal government recently and set itself up as a not-for-profit under the leadership of CEO Dr. Jim Brandle and a dynamic board of directors, chaired by Niagara wine pioneer Donald Ziraldo.

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