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Food & Beverage Students from George Brown Pick Icewine Grapes at Stratus Winery

It was minus 11°C with gusty 50 km/hr winds howling around us; previously fallen snow was swirling about the vineyard with new snow falling on us. It was 9:00 pm at night and our only source of light came from our chartered bus, friend’s cars and a tractor. This made the task a bit more challenging but we kept busy breaking off canes and watching grapes fall into the covering nets.

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Vintage at Norman Hardie

As we walked back to Hardie’s vineyard, a delicious smell filled the air. It was our payment for getting our hands dirty (and sticky with grape juice). There was a roasted pig, roasted stuffed chicken and all the fresh, seasonal vegetables you could name. As lunch was being served and the wine was flowing very freely, I sat on a rock eating my huge plate of food and I couldn’t help but think that Norman Hardie was a smart man for putting this all together.

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Harvest at Norman Hardie

Norman Hardie is getting ready for vintage 2010 and is inviting GFR readers to come help pick grapes in Prince Edward County this fall. There will be lots of food (including the famous roast pig) and there might be a little bit of wine too.

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