GFR's Jamie Drummond tasting with Winemaker Conor Van Der Reest at Morrilla, Tasmania

GFR’s Jamie Drummond tasting with Winemaker Conor Van Der Reest at Morrilla, Tasmania

Some three years ago I had the pleasure of spending just under a month in Australia courtesy of Wine Australia.

Over this time in interviewed and posted interviews with innumerable Winemakers, but towards the tail end of my trip my computer began to have a little trouble and so many of the later video files were lost or badly corrupted.

Just the other week I was speaking with Hillebrand Winemaker Craig McDonald. Having recently returned from a trip to his homeland, he was singing the praises of Tasmania’s Conor Van Der Reest, a lad from North Bay, Ontario who has been at the helm of Winemaking for Moorilla for what will shortly be coming up on a decade.

I suddenly remembered my archived copies of those corrupted video files, and put my mind to piecing them back together and attempting to repair the damaged sections. Sadly a lot of the interview video was too far gone, but I did manage to retrieve enough of the audio to produce a video, supplementing the video with footage shot around Conor’s workplace, deep in the (literal) bowels of the infamous MONA art gallery.

It just goes to show you, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Sorry it took me so long Conor!



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Jamie Drummond - Good Food RevolutionEdinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier, consultant, writer, judge, and educator Jamie Drummond is the Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution… And he is so chuffed that he was able  to recover these files after all that time.