Fans of the Grill King gathered on a warm Tuesday night at Nella Cucina as Ted Reader himself taught guests about the importance of beer and its role in the ultimate grilling and smoking menu. As each course was paired appropriately with an array of light and dark ales, attendees sat back and relaxed as Reader shared his years of BBQ experience through an interactive demonstration. Complete with his own smoker and outdoor ‘briefcase rotisserie,’ Reader instructed, fed and drank with his engaged guests through six incredible and smoky courses.

The Menu included:

Big Wheel Buttered Smoked Brisket

BBQ Pulled Pork with Green Apple Slaw

East Coaster Sea Chicken Bundles Sapporo Plank Salmon with Bay Scallops

Delirium Planked Mashed Potatoes

Beerlicious BBQ Cake


Take a look at the gallery below to see what went on at Beerlicious:

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