By Jamie Drummond

Great Lakes Brewery “Crazy Canuck” Pale Ale
LCBO# 242545 $2.25 per  473ml can

What with Canada Day upon us once again I was delighted to discover this damn patriotic can of beer whilst visiting the Great Lakes Brewery.

Despite some kitchsy labelling, replete with a loon and toque, this reasonably new release from Great Lakes is one of their best yet.

It is without a doubt on the crispy/hoppier side of things, but with a fair bit of pleasing underlying maltiness. I’m taking a guess that they employ a fair handful of Cascade hops in here, as that almost citrus-like aromatic they bring to the brew is unmistakable.

The Crazy Canuck also exhibits amazing value. One rarely finds a beer of this quality at this price point.

It’s certainly not for those who usually sup shitty suds, but for the more evolved beer palate, this knocks it right out of the park.