Woodhouse Brewing Co. Cherry Kölsch, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Alcohol 5.2%) LCBO $3.50 (473ml can)

While I’m not usually drawn to beers with much of a fruit influence, I have grown particularly fond of this Cherry Kolsch from Woodhouse, especially with the most recent batch/release (as of June 2022), as the cherry component is markedly more pronounced than cans I have enjoyed previously. I’m unsure as what changes were made here, but I find the much punchier sour cherry aspect incredibly appealing, especially at this time of year when the days are getting increasingly warmer.

This take on the German Kölsch style is given a dose of fresh Ontario cherry juice, and this time around the cherries really come to the fore of the beer.

Pouring an appealing orange/pinkish with a medium white head, I like to enjoy this well-chilled. The nose is all about those gorgeous cherries (almost cherry pie-like) with some warm grainy elements, the yeasty aspect I have found in previous cans being dialled down a little, or perhaps it is simply dominated by that explosion of cherries?.

The palate is tart and crisp (but by no means sour), again with the lovely cherry profile but coupled with appealing cereal grain flavours and a touch of apple. Medium-plus carbonation isn’t too aggressive and sits well texturally with that snappy acidity. The finish promises a hint of caramel sweetness, but is ultimately dry and grainy.

Whilst this beer may not be for everyone, I suggest you give it a try, even if you are one of those folks who (like me) usually give beers with any mention of fruit a seriously wide berth.

I can see this current batch becoming one of my favourite beers of this Ontario summer.

(Four out of a possible five apples)