Side Launch “Down Under” Double IPA, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada (Alcohol 7.3%, IBUs 45) LCBO $4.50 (473ml can) 

After my review of a Three Sheets DIPA (Double IPA) last week, today I’ll tell you about another liver-beater that’s popped up on my radar as of late.

Given that I have found Side Launch’s recent beers to be wildly inconsistent, some to be the point of being completely undrinkable, I wasn’t holding out much hope for this one, but thought it was my duty to give it a bit of a spin.

The rather overused Down Under moniker refers to the use of Australian Eclipse (2004) and the only-a-decade-old Vic Secret (2013) hops, and it is indeed that combination of hops that really define this beer.

It pours with a slight, subtle haze, but nothing like the cloudiness of the Double IPA from last week, and there is certainly no particulate hanging about here, so it has most probably had a bit of filtration/racking/settling before canning.

There’s a slight creamy white head but this disippates in no short order. There’s a wee bit of lacing as one drinks the stuff, but nothing to report really.

On the totally tropical nose there’s loads of pineapple, passion fruit, and clementine… lots of thiols floating around here. The tropical wet hoppiness is most appealing. The palate is a touch sweet and pine-resinous for my liking, but it’s not entirely unpleasant as there’s a lovely biscuity malt character hanging around in the background, and I greatly enjoyed the pine/hop bitter finish.

While it doesn’t have the same balance as the Three Sheets DIPA from last week (the booziness sticks out a bit here), it’s still very drinkable.

Just remember to watch those recommended weekly units of alcohol though…

3.5 apples out of 5
(Three and a half out of a possible five apples)