We are excited to share with you a pre-order for Celler Escoda-Sanahuja wines, made by one of the most influential natural winemakers in Spain.
Discover (or RE discover, for some of our readers) our sought after natural wines from Joan Ramón Escoda.

Natural Wine Pioneer in Spain

Joan Ramon has always been a radical winemaker, a grass-roots innovator, a rock’n’roller, and a pioneer in no-sulphites winemaking. He even created the ‘Brutal’ movement that is popular in natural wine circles.

We invite you to explore Celler Escoda-Sanahuja and discover why his wines are essential to every natural wine lover’s repertoire.

Wines available to pre-order
Escoda Sanahuja Els Bassotets 2022 – $43.95/bottle (6-packs)
Escoda Sanahuja Els Bassots 2022 – $54.95/bottle (6-packs)
Escoda Sanahuja Nas del Gegant 2022 – $39.95/bottle (12-packs)
Escoda Sanahuja Les Paradetes 2022 – $54.95/bottle (6-packs)
Escoda Sanahuja Coll del Sabater 2022 – $54.95/bottle (6-packs)
Escoda Sanahuja La Llopetera 2022 – $54.95/bottle (6-packs)

Escoda Sanahuja Carmen 2022 – $79.95/bottle (6-packs)

Wines available now
Escoda Sanahuja Mas del Gaio 2021 – $53.95/bottle (12-packs)

Place your pre-order before March 15th and receive your wine in early summer.


Vitas Pinot Grigio 2022
$23.95 per bottle ($287.40/12 bottles per case)

The Vitas Winery has been in the family since 1937, for four generations. Despite its French origin, Pinot Grigio has been cultivated in Friuli since the 18th century, where it has found an ideal habitat to produce wines of exceptional quality.

This dry-farmed Friulian Pinot Grigio is different in style than its counterpart from Veneto. The wine wears a straw yellow robe with elegant copper-gold overtones. Its bouquet is elegant and intense, with hints of acacia flowers, dry hay, walnut kernel, yellow peach and golden apple, intertwined with fresh and mineral notes. On the palate, it promises a concentrated palate full of fragrant white peaches, tangerines, and a spritzy minerality.

A perfect casual sipper, or to complement antipasti, fried fish or vegetables and light pasta dishes.



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