By Zoltan Szabo

Low yield, hand harvest, indigenous yeast, unfiltered, French oak treated – fermented and / or aged – micro – production Chardonnay here, each and every one of them.

Hard to decide which one is best, and that matter will eventually come down to the personal taste and individual solution. And, it won’t really make a difference for me, because I like them all.

Many similarities, yes, yet many distinct features are displayed by each, giving a great deal of individuality, character and edge, with borderline attitude, in an utmost interesting, fascinating and much enjoyable manner.

K. J. Watson – tangerine, butter, oily and toasty; full – weight with juicy acidity and hazelnut – mineral – honeycomb finish.

S. Kocsis – wicked, from its slight hazy colour to finish, fantastic texture here, balancing acidity and a well defined mineral aspect; full yet feels feather light, with great intensity of high – toned white fleshed summer fruit and yeast – wax – spice accents, and powerful finish; fantastic with fatty whole grilled Mediterranean sea bass drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and lemon ala Nove Trattoria.

Closson Chase – lighter, less alcohol, intensely mineral, and a bit of reduction signs here, white peach, orchard blossoms, limestone and zesty with white pepper spice trait; crisp with long – persuasive finish; growing on me after every sip.

It is certainly worth decanting these Chardonnays and there is no need to serve truly chilled, rather just few degrees below room temperature.

And, if you can, taste these great Chardonnay side – by – side, get some fine cheeses from Upper Canada ready, along a decent charcuterie board, gather a few friends, and meditate over, chat, compare and debate, have fun and enjoy, that’s life all about, would not you agree…?!