Dan and I both get so excited for this time of year, as Spring really is a time of renewal in the world of fish. I decided this was also a good time to renew a little newsletter that I had started a ways back that, of course, got left behind in the shuffle of a couple of stores, classes, a wholesale business, and a family… lots going on that I need to share, so here goes:

Spot prawns are on the way!
As soon as May hits, we start getting familiar questions in the shops. One of the most commonly asked is “when are we going to see spot prawns this year?”. The answer is SOON! Though the opening for spot season hasn’t been announced, we will have them in the shops around the May long weekend, likely before the 24th. We bring them in daily in small oxygenated shipments, so that they arrive alive and frisky – ready for your grill or raw right out of the shell.

Predictions are in for the wild salmon run.
Another question we are fielding daily in the shops is about the wild salmon run. The salmon season officially opens in late May, with the famous Copper River in Alaska being the first, the most famous, and the most prized. We will see some fish in stores from test fisheries, who harvest fish that are caught in the open ocean, prior to the fisheries’ opening. Dan works hard at sourcing so that we get in on the small catch. These test fisheries help to determine the health of the salmon and the size of the run.

We always hear rumblings about this time regarding the size of the run. Predictions are fairly clear, with most fishery experts agreeing that we will see a much smaller than average wild salmon run for 2019. There are a number of reasons for this including climate change, nasty open pen Atlantic salmon farming on Pacific salmon’s migratory pathways, and loss of habitat due to dams and human infrastructure. The harvest will be severely limited in the hopes of more salmon reaching their spawning grounds to increase wild populations.

Get ready for the Summer of pickerel.
Now for some good news… phew. This will be the summer of pickerel at Hooked! We love the family fishery we work with on Lake Erie. They’re third generation, with two of the grandsons fishing their own boats. Taylor Fish from Wheatley Ontario are good people.

A couple of seasons ago, our Department of Fisheries made the decision to limit catch of pickerel in certain areas of Lake Erie. The result is the single largest spawning in the recorded history of the lake… AKA tons of pickerel. Literally tons. This means the pricing will begin to drop soon, with great availability of perfectly fresh and local fish in the stores every day. We love pickerel on the grill, in the frying pan, or in the smoker. Can’t wait!!

In other news….
Dixon Hall is a godsend to the community of Regent Park and beyond. Operating Meals on Wheels, a food bank, food programming, youth outreach, music school and more to a community in need. Their annual fundraiser, Dixonlicious, is next week at the Daniels Spectrum Centre and Hooked is a proud volunteer and sponsor. It’s a wonderful evening for a truly great cause. Join us!

Classes for May are sold out, but we often have cancelations and I do maintain an active waitlist. If you’d rather not wait for our new Fall 2019 schedule, book a private class with your friends and have Hooked to yourself for the night! For either a waitlist spot or to book a private class, send me an email kristin@hookedinc.ca

Thank you for being a part of Hooked life. Our team of wonderful people thank you too.

I really hope to see you in the shops soon,