Chef Nicole Rumball at All The Best

I began working with All The Best Fine Foods when I edited, and was (and remain) very grateful for their support of Good Food Revolution and excited about more collaborations like last year’s Elizabeth David dinner. Their Yonge Street store is around the corner from my house, and I am in there a few times a week stocking up bread, cheese, olives, treats and whatever else we may require to keep life civilized and satifying. But for all of this interaction, I never managed to make it to their production kitchen, where the bulk of their prepared foods from pies and cakes to their famous cheese sticks are put together and loaded on to the ATB van for the short drive from Leaside to Summerhill. So, when All The Best got in touch with GFR with regards to their Valentine’s Day treats, I decided to invite myself into executive chef Nicole Rumball’s atelier to shoot the video below with her and pastry chef Mario Totaro to talk about what happens in the kitchen and get a sneak preview of their Valentines treats.

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All The Best Jokey Valentines

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