by Malcolm Jolley

Annabelle Waugh is the Food Director at Canadian Living magazine, which has just published The One Dish Collection. The book is a comprehensive recipe catalogue of recipes which require only one dish to serve… though not necessarily just one dish to make. The range of one dish meals is actually quite wide, since it includes everything from soups to salads to stews to pies to pastas… and so on. Although Waugh and her colleagues can draw back into decades of Canadian Living recipes, the book is very much a reflection of Canada today, and celebrates regional specialties as well as dishes that draw on the country’s rich multicultural make-up. Waugh let me in to see the magazine’s famous Test Kitchen, where I sat down with her to film the interview in the video below. We discussed the book, the Test Kitchen process, why one dish meals are often childhood favourites and how Canadians are increasingly obsessed with slow cookers.

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GFR videos are generously sponsored by a grant from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company. Malcolm Jolley is a founding editor of Good Food Revolution and Executive Director of Good Food Media, the non-profit organization that publishes GFR. Photo: John Gundy.