by Krystina Roman for Rosewood Estates, a ‘Certified Good Food Fighter

Long Live The Queen.
Can you spot her?

With the warm winter and early spring the bees at Rosewood Estates Winery were ready to get out and pollinate. After opening up the hives and reviewing them for winter survival we take a survey of the strong and weak hives and decide on our next course of action. If the hive needs a new queen or if we would like to add more hives we bring in queens just like the ones below. In fact the queens in the photo below are waiting to be assigned to their new hives. They are preparing themselves to rule a whole hive.

This week we brought new queens to strengthen and grow our operation. Using Russian bees we carefully place them in a hive and monitor them closely for hive acceptance. If the hive accepts the queen the hive can continue to start the season. If not we try again or wait for the hive to develop their own queen (done by secreting royal jelly & making specific queen cells).

Today we also visited a bee yard to see how the heat was affecting them. Have a peak below on how we found them….. sunbathing! Their house or hive was too warm & crowded and the bees decided to come out for some air. Can’t wait to see the honey flow from this hive located in “Darryl’s Yard.”

(each bee yard has a name representing the street, location or property it is located on)

This hive definitely needs a super and looks strong and healthy from the winter. Survival in this yard was high again and we’re happy with this site. The bees here like their home. At Rosewood Estates Winery we have 6 bee yards located all over Niagara. We focus on finding forest sites with good shelter, water and an abundance of wildflowers nearby to pollinate.

Here’s a look at some of our hives. Looking good.

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The Social Bee
Krys Roman