By The Burger Boy

The spot

After my haircut today my dad and I felt like getting a hamburger.

Let’s just say the boy likes burgers.

At the counter

We decided to go to Johnny Rockets. It’s close to the AMC theatre and the Future shop where I get my video games. The restaurant was very, very busy. I like to sit at the counter. They have a jukebox on the counter that only costs one nickle. It doesn’t have any AC/DC or Led Zeppelin.

The 50 cent jukebox

I ordered a burger with fries and a root beer. My dad had the patty melt with a diet coke.

My Dad's Patty Melt

I watched the kitchen while we waited for our lunch. There were a lot of busy people in there and they are all young.

It's busy in the kitchen

After what seemed like a long time, our food finally came. It was nice and hot. The bun was soft and toasted on the inside. This is a very good hamburger bun. Let’s just say the bun to burger ratio was just right. The hamburger was machine made.  It was juicier than other machine-made burgers. It is not a very big burger. My fries were hot and crispy. I like the ketchup smile our waiter made. One bad thing both mine and my dad’s pop was kind of flat.


It took a long time for my dad to pay the bill. The waiter only charged us for my burger, not my dad’s. My dad asked the waiter why the bill was only $9.00. It took 4 of them and 10 minutes to figure out what my dad should pay.

All Done

After lunch we went up to the Future Shop.

All in all The Burger Boy gives this one a 7 out of 10.

The Burger Boy is a 10 year old boy with a passion for good burgers… and he’s not messing around when he says good!!! You can find Burger Boy’s blog here.