Malcolm Jolley talks to Giulia Zanesco at Calalta, the new face of wine in Veneto…

Nicola Brunetti and Giulia Zanesco of Calalta in Veneto.

Nicola Brunetti and his fiancée Giulia Zanesco are trying tonchange the way we think about the wines of the Veneto. Their winery, Calalta, is situated on the slopes of Monte Grappa, the site of a famous WWI battle between Italy and Austria. This means they are more or less halfway between Valpolicella and Sauve to the west and the Prosecco land of Treviso and Valdobbiadene-Conegliano to the east. that gave the Brunetti family the freedom cultivate the grapes they though suited their property best, including Cabernet Franc, and Grenache and Syrah. Like all Italian small producers of fine wine Calalta is struggling with the COVID-19 lockdown and restaurant closures, but they’ve still managed to send some of that 2016 Rivatonda Cabernet Franc to Ontario, where they are represented by the Drink Better agency. Kari Macknight Dearborn from Drink Better connected me recently with Giulia Zanesco at Calalta to discuss life under lockdown, and where and how they make wine in harmony with nature in this up and coming corner of Veneto.

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