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CAPS Sommunity

Malcolm Jolley talks to Lynn Abernethy, Kim Gertler and Debbie Shing about CAPS Ontario’s response to the COVID-19 Crisis #Sommunity…

This week CAPS Ontario announced over 40 partnerships with local wineries and wine agencies as part of their #Sommunity campaign to engage and support the province’s sommelier community. I set up the Zoom interview below with board President Lynn Abernethy and members Debbie Shing (Membership) and Kim Gertler (PR). I asked Abernethy about CAPS initial reaction to the COVID-19 crisis, Shing about the #Sommunity program for CAPS members and Gertler about NIGHT CAPS LIVE, a series of webinars at the CAPS Ontario Instagram page and Skills To Pay The Bills an upcoming program.

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  1. Thanks so much for supporting CAPS Ontario and our various programs, GFR!

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