By Kylie Meyermann

On April 20, the Dairy Farmers of Canada awarded  Quebec cheese Louis d’Or (from Fromagerie du Presbytère in Quebec) as Grand Champion of the 2011 Grand Prix.

Louis d’Or blew away the competition, winning all its individual categories: firm cheese (it’s made in a 40-kilogram wheel), organic cheese (the farmers have been using organic methods for the past 25 years) and farmstead cheese (all the milk comes from the Louis d’Or farm). By the end of the evening it was to no surprise that Louis d’Or was crowned Grand Champion.

After a quick sampling, it became obvious to me why the cheese was destined for greatness. Louis d’Or is a perfect example of a cheese in perfect harmony and balance. The body is supple, yet its various eyes make it crumbly and spongy. Louis d’Or conveys a bouquet of robust aromas –  toasted nuts, tangy fruit and sweet cream. The tantalizing combination of sweet and salty lingers on the palate for a split second longer then expected, enticing its pray. Finally, the cheese is easily recognizable, with its name Louis d’Or sketched on the rim of the rind. Louis d’Or was a show stopper from birth.

Kylie Meyermann is a writer for Good Food Revolution. Kylie is wine obsessed and has a website called Kylie’s Wines. Follow her on twitter @Kylieswines