by The Grange of Prince edward, a ‘Certified Good Food Fighter’

This month we’re talking about one of our favourite wines at the winery- our Trumpour’s Mill Gamay.

Gamay is an Ontario Wine Superstar, The first Ontario Wine Award winner for both our winery and for Prince Edward County back in 2003 as well as wining numerous other awards over the years, our only wine sold in 300 LCBO outlets across Ontario, and one of our personal favourites. It’s the wine that I have always called “the best bring-your-own-wine wine” because of its versatility, its easy-drinking quality. It’s the perfect summer red because it drinks well a little chilled and yet it goes great with cuisine all year long!

Gamay vines thrive in the conditions in Prince Edward County. The clay and limestone soils, the length of the growing season the summer heat etc. Every year our gamay is one of the highest producers on the farm, and they are relatively low maintenance (unlike their burgundian neighbours).  They are also the variety that has shown the earliest the unique terroir and is the best at showing seasonal characteristics.  It is also the wine, during the wine making process that we can learn the characteristics on. Generally it is the first red we harvest, maybe a week before we do the pinot noir. In the time between the wine-making is already well on its way. The way it reacts in the wine making is generally quite similar to the way the pinot will act, and ideally any difficulties that arise with the gamay can be prepared for with the pinot.

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